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If the roof of your residential or commercial building is showing signs of damage or aging, it will need more than just a quick spraying with a power washer to restore it to new. However, it can be complicated to determine if your building’s roof needs a few quick repairs or if a residential or commercial roof replacement is in order. Thankfully, the roofing experts at Garcia Roofing in Prairieville have the know-how to aid you in deducing what move will be the best for your situation.

Things to consider when talking to a roofing contractor about replacing or repairing a roof

What is the Age of Your Roof?

First, you’ll want to take into consideration your roof’s age. If you don’t know when your building’s roof was installed, then the type of roofing material it’s constructed on can help your contractor determine where it could be in its lifecycle. Each commercial roofing material has a different lifespan that varies based on the local weather, storm damages, and exposure to pests. Having your commercial roof replaced or installed by a professional roofing contractor nearby is one of the top predictors of its longevity.

Is the Roof Leaking?

As a typical rule about commercial roofing leaks, especially when damage has been suffered, it’s better to replace rather than repair your building’s roof. Replacing an older roof that doesn’t manage to keep water out of its lower structures or its insulation will save you more money in the long run. Water that’s allowed to pool inside of a commercial building is especially problematic if not seen since it can cause dangerous mildews and molds to grow, eventually leading to serious structural concerns. Although sometimes quick roof repairs can be performed in case of emergencies to keep your business running, getting your commercial roof replaced will guarantee its integrity against poor weather conditions.

How Much is the Roof Damage?

Chances are, if you’re thinking about having some work done on your roof, then it’s probably because you’ve started to notice it not performing as well as it once did, or perhaps it’s been noticeably damaged. Utilizing a local roofing company with trusted experts in the roof-building industry can help you better determine the extent to which a roof has been compromised. A top-rated roofing company will also care about your roof’s unique design layout, construction materials, and your overall budget. 

Where is Your Roof Located Geographically?

If you’re located in a part of the United States with some rough weather, such as summer hurricanes or heavy winter snow, or perhaps extensive solar light, you’ll probably want to have your commercial roof replaced rather than repaired. Typically, the weakest link in your roofing system is the spot where it’s most likely to fail, and you’ll therefore want interlocking components that all work together as a shield wall against Mother Nature’s assaults. 

A commercial roof replacement will see that your building or business is well-guarded against the elements. 

In the case of appearances, replacing a roof is better when:

  • moss and dark streaks of algae are starting to grow deeper into the roof
  • only a few areas or tiles are looking weather-worn

In the same case, replacing a commercial roof is better when:

  • your wood or asphalt shingles begin to warp or curl
  • the shingles are starting to form cascading cracks or breaks
  • your roofing material has become dented or warped 
  • moderate to significant signs of rust start to appear
  • your roofing shingles are starting to show signs of missing bits or granules

The Benefits of a New Roof

Although initially more expensive than minor roof repairs, replacing a commercial roof reduces the overall expense of ownership over time. This is achieved by reducing your energy costs, making your roof easier to clean and maintain, and saving you money from constantly chasing repairs. 

A new commercial roof has better curbside appeal than a repaired commercial roof, which will increase your business potential. Of course, perhaps the most important component of a new commercial roof is the peace of mind that’s inherent in knowing your people and business are protected underneath. 

More often than not, getting a commercial roof replaced rather than repaired is the most effective way to guarantee that your building is safe from the weather without causing you concern, needless expense, or time. Don’t treat repairing or maintaining your roof like a game of whack-a-mole; the local roofing professionals at Garcia Roofing are ready to get ladders up to tackle your specific commercial roofing needs today! 

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