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Meet The Team At Garcia Roofing

How Garcia Roofing Began

Gabriel Garcia came to America from his native El Salvador with hopes of realizing the American dream. Building his business based on quality and integrity, Garcia Roofing is now led by over one hundred employees who recognize that customers deserve the best possible service. Years of dedication, strong work ethic, and perseverance have led to Garcia Roofing offering customers top-quality roofing services.

How it Started

Gabriel Garcia came to the United States in 1987 following civil strife in his homeland of El Salvador. Despite a language barrier and other challenges, Gabriel’s determination and knowledge of roofing enabled him to secure employment and begin his journey toward a successful career in his new country.

Breaking Out

In 1992, with a handful of workers, Gabriel Garcia established a small roofing company in Prairieville, Louisiana and grossed $60,000 in his first year of business. With a reputation for quality installation and exemplary customer service, Gabriel’s company grew rapidly at thirty percent per year over the next four years. By 1996, the company had grown to a level requiring professional management. Succeeding years saw product and service offerings expanded to serve more customers and fulfill more roofing needs throughout Baton Rouge and surrounding areas.

Assisting the Community

In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast and southeast Louisiana. Over the next two years, the Garcia Companies worked vigorously to help homeowners and businesses repair or replace their roofs in order to return to a sense of normalcy. Subsequent years have seen many natural disasters affect our area, and the Garcia team has readily provided relief and assistance to our neighbors in need.

Where We Are Today

Garcia Roofing is one of the largest and most respected roofing contractors in the state of Louisiana, annually serving thousands of new and returning customers. In addition to exceptional service, Garcia offers a complete selection of roofing options.

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