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Storms bring heavy winds and damaging hail with them, and can leave your roof leaking and in need of a replacement.

Our team of experienced professional roofing inspectors can create a customized estimate for your next roofing project, and guide you on what services need to be performed. Learn about Garcia Roofing’s financing options.

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No Commitment Inspection. Yes, It’s Free!

Absolutely FREE Roof Inspection by Experienced Professionals. Our Roofing Experts will thoroughly inspect your roof for damage or signs of wear.

Excellent Customer Service

At Garcia Roofing, we understand your time is valuable. Our customer care experts will work with you to schedule an inspection that works best for you and your family.

Detailed Project Estimates

You will receive a detailed project breakdown & cost estimate for repairs or replacement. We pride ourselves in providing the price for the quality service your can expect.

You Can Count on a Professional Inspection

Don’t wonder if your inspection is accurate. Our inspectors are highly trained professional roofers.

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