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Titan 9

Garcia Roofing Supports WAFB’s Efforts to Keep Louisiana Safer

We’re Proud to Sponsor WAFB’s Titan 9

As Louisiana’s trusted roofing repair and replacement company, we understand the importance of community safety, especially when it comes to the severe and unpredictable weather that frequently impacts our region. By supporting WAFB’s advanced storm-tracking capabilities, we aim to play a significant role in keeping our communities informed and protected.

Titan 9 First Alert Stormtracker

WAFB’s Titan 9 First Alert Stormtracker is a state-of-the-art mobile weather unit equipped with cutting-edge technology. This allows it to navigate the toughest weather conditions and provide real-time updates from the field. Garcia Roofing’s sponsorship of this innovative vehicle enables WAFB’s team of expert meteorologists to reach affected areas swiftly and efficiently during severe weather events. From hurricanes and tropical storms to tornadoes and floods, the Titan 9 First Alert Stormtracker ensures that vital weather information is delivered directly to our community when they need it most.

First Alert Radar Network

In addition to the Titan 9, Garcia Roofing’s sponsorship also extends to WAFB’s First Alert Radar Network. This network comprises several radar systems that provide top-tier weather monitoring capabilities across the region. With access to real-time radar data and comprehensive weather analysis, WAFB’s meteorologists can provide accurate and up-to-date forecasts. This valuable information empowers locals to take necessary precautions, safeguard their properties, and protect their loved ones when threats appear.

Garcia Roofing and WAFB Have You Covered

We understand how much of an impact weather-related disasters can have on our neighbors and our customers, and we are committed to assisting them in any way possible. By supporting WAFB’s Titan 9 First Alert Stormtracker and First Alert Radar Network, Garcia Roofing aims to safeguard our communities from the risks and damages associated with sudden and severe weather events. Together, we strive to ensure that Louisiana residents remain informed, protected, and prepared in the face of nature’s most formidable challenges.

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