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Custom Scroll Work

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If you have decided on custom metal awnings for your Baton Rouge home or commercial building, you may want to consider custom scroll work to add a personal touch to your building's facade. Copper and metal awnings can provide the protection that you want from the elements while also adding a distinctive touch to any structure. Scrollwork, whether mass-produced or custom, allows you to create a unique and inviting atmosphere at your home or business.

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Our scrolls are fabricated out of very durable material. These scrolls can be made to suit your exact specifications and are available in a variety of different colors, finishes, and textures. Many people overlook the exteriors of their homes as an opportunity to showcase their design talents and preferences, but with custom scroll work you can create a facade that is unique and holds a lot of visual interest. Work with our talented team of designers to create the final touches for your custom metal awnings. Textured looks that are rustic, or smooth finishes that create a more contemporary feel, are just two examples of the many options that are available to you.

Custom scroll pieces allow you to achieve the exact look that you want for your Baton Rouge home or business, no matter your tastes and preferences. Depending on the color and style of your metal awnings, you can add the scrollwork that completes the look. From traditional styles to those that are more contemporary, with custom work, you call the shots, and we design the pieces that create the look that you want. Metal finishes are durable and are able to withstand the often wet and windy weather that we experience here in the Baton Rouge area.