Why is my Roof Creaking?

Creaking, popping, and wheezing sounds, while common in most homes, can be unsettling when you are lying in bed at night trying to rest. If you are lying in bed wondering why your roof is making such awful noises, then ask no more. Here are two common reasons for a noisy roof.

If your roof is creaking, let us help!

Creaking noises at night:

Creaking, wheezing, and popping noises at night are a result of cooler temperatures. Because the attic does not receive much heating or air conditioning, the wood frame experiences temperature changes at night when temperatures are usually cooler than during the day. Wood expands during the day and then contracts at night. This can lead to an array of strange noises throughout the evening hours. The popping sounds result from the contracting wood, and the creaking can occur with the slightest movement.

While annoying and sometimes startling, the creaking and popping noises are nothing to worry about. These noises do not indicate that your roof is not in danger of collapsing or breaking. However, if the noises keep you awake at night, you can reduce or eliminate the sounds with proper insulation. Spray insulation added to the attic ceiling will help stabilize the wood frame when temperatures change.

Creaking and popper when the wind blows:

If you notice creaking, popping, or wheezing sounds every time the wind blows, you might want to look at checking your roof for missing shingles, warped spots, or other signs of damage. It is also best to check your attic for signs of damage. The best course of action is to have a professional inspection. Garcia Roofing provides customers with thorough inspections so you can find a solution for your creaking roof.

Creaking noises when the wind blows could mean your roof needs support beams nailed into the attic. Adding soffit vents, ridge vents, wind turbines, and other ventilation types can also help with strange roof noises. Attic vents will help regulate humidity and the air in your attic, and they can help reduce the sounds your roof makes if the wind is the cause.

Inspections are key!

If you are unsure why your roof is making so much noise at night or when the wind blows, call Garcia Roofing for a proper inspection. Having your roof inspected regularly could potentially save you a substantial amount of money in repairs. Check out our locations to see if you’re within our service areas.