Project Spotlight: Coursey Blvd Metal Roofing

Take a look at the metal roofing project we completed on Coursey!

Metal Roof Installation on Coursey Blvd, Baton Rouge

This completely custom metal roof was fabricated by Garcia Roofing right on the job site. The property owners contacted us for a complete reroofing job for their business on Coursey Boulevard in Baton Rouge, LA.

To begin the project, we first installed 1×4 furring strips, as requested by the property owner, to prevent dampness, and therefore the possibility of future damage, to the roof. We fabricated the edging in our shop and installed it prior to the installation of any metal roof panels.

Before & After

Since the roof was bell-shaped, we installed 2 separate panels from the eave to the ridge. We made a specially fabricated transition flashing to connect both panels together. Garcia Roofing fabricated the metal panels with our own machinery. The panels were standing seam metal panels with unexposed fasteners, also known as Image 2 Panels. We used 26 gauge metal in “Burnish Slate” color.

To polish the look of the roof, we installed capping that was also fabricated in our sheet metal shop. This adds a finished look to a roof worthy of being called this building’s “crown.”