Professional Roof Cleaning

Let us help with your cleaning needs!

Remove years of grime with a professional roof cleaning!

Garcia Roofing now offers clients a professional roof cleaning service that is sure to leave you satisfied. Ensuring your roof gets a proper cleaning from time to time is essential for maintaining the roof’s longevity. Not professionally cleaning your roof can lead to moss and algae buildup, which will ultimately lead to more damage. Due to the accumulation of moisture that occurs when you have moss and other debris on your roof, you could be looking at serious roofing repairs down the line. Because no one has time for leaky roofs or damaged shingles, calling Garcia Roofing for a professional roof cleaning is important, especially after the Spring and Summer months.

Our professional roof cleaning process keeps your shingles, plants, and other landscaping safe from damage. No need to worry about how a pressure washer will affect your garden. Our goal is to keep your plants safe while making sure your roof is getting the cleaning it needs. We use a process called soft washing. With this process, we use 100PSI to clean your roof. Rather than relying on pressure, we use an algicidal solution to remove all the dirt, moss, and grime from your roof. This algicidal solution gently removes the grime, leaving your roof spotless and looking years younger.

Don’t wait until moss, algae, and grime damage your roof! We know how important it is to protect your roof with proper maintenance. Call Garcia Roofing today to schedule your professional cleaning.