Garcia’s Commitment to Safety

Garcia Roofing has been dedicated to serving our customers since 1992. We have always taken the safety of our community and team members very seriously. Since our start, the rise of smartphones has created a deadly problem on the road as 25% of traffic accidents are a result of cell phones and texting. Garcia Roofing wanted to find a solution to keep their employees and others safe on the road since our team services all of south Louisiana.

In an effort to keep our employees safe, we implemented the GeoTab and Truce systems inside of every Garcia vehicle. The GeoTab system gives our drivers active feedback on how they are operating the vehicle while allowing our Safety team to see those vehicles in real-time. GeoTab gives our Safety team weekly and monthly scorecards for each driver, allowing them to sit with the drivers and discuss opportunities for improvement. The Truce system manages phone activity to ensure our drivers are not distracted by notifications, text messages or other apps. This software locks their phone until stopped for an extended amount of time. While they are unable to dial out or browse their apps, the drivers are able to answer incoming calls by hands-free Bluetooth. This gives them an opportunity to give answer our customer calls while remaining focused on the road in front of them.

In the Garcia family, safety is one of key elements that our company was built on and remains top priority today. As our company averages more than 100,000 miles a month, we want to keep our community and drivers safe. Garcia Roofing will always ensure that all employees take their safety and the safety of others seriously. Contact Garcia Roofing to speak with one of our professional roofing contractors to get started on your project!