Can Roofing be Done in the Rain?

Can roofing be done in the rain?

Most of us can’t predict the weather with any guaranteed high accuracy. Especially in an area that tends to get more than a few rainstorms every year, all we know is that, eventually, rain is coming. So what happens when a rain shower hits your area when you’re scheduled to have a new roofing system installed? Can a roof be installed in the rain? Well, the truth is: no. 

Why Can’t Roofing Be Done in the Rain? 

Your roof protects your home against wind and moisture. During the installation of your roof, the most vulnerable parts of your home are revealed to Mother Nature. Any presence of water will threaten the integrity of your new roofing system and possibly jeopardize the entire job if not taken seriously. When your new roof is being installed, it’s critical that you keep the area as dry as possible so as to minimize the risk of accelerated damage or wear on the lower components. 

Installing a New Roof in the Rain is Dangerous

Another reason why a professional roofing company in Louisiana won’t install a roof in the rain is because of the danger it presents to the crew working on your roof. Rain, combined with working on a roof, is a recipe for disaster as the potential for slips, drops, and tool incidents increase dramatically. Even worse, if there’s lightning in the area, then the roofers working on your roof will be at risk of being struck! 

What Happens to a Partially-Installed Roof if it Rains?

Our team knows how to spring into action when the clouds start looking gray. Your roof will be quickly covered with the best materials in the roofing business so as to minimize any risks of moisture entering the lower levels. Any areas that get wet will need to dry out thoroughly before more work is done unless mold and other issues begin to form inside.  

Work with the Best Roofing Contractor

Garcia Roofing understands that rain and lightning pose a danger not just for your home or building but also for the crew working on it. A professional roofing company will understand and know how to work around such conditions so as to get the job done right the first time without excess risks. 

If you’re worried about installing a roof during inclement weather, contact us via phone or email to schedule a consultation so that your mind is put at ease and the job gets done by the best roofing company in the state!