Benefits of Installing a Slate Roof on Your Home

Are you in the market for new roofing materials? Slate roofing has been around for millions of years and is still considered the gold standard. Here are five slate roof benefits:

1. Longevity

Under the right conditions, slate roofing can last up to a century, unlike other roofing materials that can last a few decades. As long as you work with a qualified professional roofing contractor, you will have the guarantee that your slate roof will remain structurally sound for up to 150 years.

2. Fire resistance

Unlike asphalt shingles and wood that would burn in case of fire, slate tiles are fire-resistant. Thus, embracing this type of roofing can help you pay less in homeowner insurance premiums. Agreeably, slate is more expensive than other types of roofing, but remember that you may never need to buy a roof for your home ever again, so it is more cost-effective.

3. Appearance

Slate roofing is uniquely beautiful, something that attracts many discerning homeowners. Made from natural stone, a metamorphic type of rock, slate can add aesthetic value and style to any home. Additionally, you can get it in a variety of colors to match any exterior color pallets or architectural style. Notably, black, blue-gray, and gray colors are quite common, but the slate roof is also available in shades of purple, green, red, and mottled varieties with more than one color.

4. Low maintenance

Once you’ve installed your slate roof, you will only need a professional roof inspection annually or once every two years. But in case a windstorm or a stray baseball breaks or damages any of the tiles, contact a licensed professional roofer to repair or replace it. Remember to keep any extra tiles from the installation to avoid instances of color mismatch, in case you need repairs in the future.

5. Environmentally friendly

Did you know that roofing waste makes up to 5% of the total annual waste sent to landfills? Roofing materials that need replacement every 30 years, for instance, asphalt shingles, significantly contribute to this statistic. Installing a roof that lasts for at least 100 years, such as slate roofing, can make a positive environmental impact.

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