2021 Garcia Roofing Santa Giveaways!

Garcia Roofing understands how important it is for your roof to be reliable and long-lasting as well as the mental comfort that brings. That’s why this Christmas season, Garcia Roofing elected to choose three fortunate families to win a free new roof installation! The winners were chosen at random for this year’s contest from various areas around Southern Louisiana.

Our Plaquemine new roof winner was Elnora Richardson, who was encouraged to enter the contest by her family, who were aware of the contest from last year. “I never win anything,” said Elnora, “but surprise! I have a new roof!” She goes on to say that her previous roof had only 3-5 years maximum left due to the extensive wear and tear, but that there’s a big load off of her shoulders now that she doesn’t need to worry anymore.

Are you ready for this year?

Our New Orleans new roof winner was Veronica Bailey, who desperately needed a new roof for her home after it was ravaged by hurricane Ida. After entering Garcia’s Santa Did My Roof contest, she won a cost-free total roofing renovation that not only returned her peace of mind but elevated the value of her home beyond what it was worth even before the hurricane. Veronica extends her many thanks to the hard-working crew of Garcia Roofing for the results!

Our Lafayette new roof winner was Sheena Ficklen, who loves to enter contests and competitions just to try her luck. Within one month of being selected, her new roofing system in Lafayette was installed and protecting her home with the best roofing materials on the market. “We’re very, very excited,” said Sheena, “Two hurricanes back-to-back really messed up our roof.” Thankfully, Sheena and her family can now rest easy knowing that the talented roofing professionals at Garcia had everything (literally) covered cost-free!

We are thrilled for all of our contest winners, and we can’t wait to hear more about how they’re loving their new roofing systems! For more information about getting a new roof installed, reach out to Garcia Roofing via phone or email for a free estimate today!