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A Flat Roofing Company With Unmatched Expertise

In Biloxi and across South Mississippi, many commercial buildings feature flat roof designs because of their cost-saving benefits. But, if the structure isn’t properly maintained by a dependable flat roofing company, it can become quite costly. Garcia Roofing’s commercial roofing professionals have extensive experience maintaining flat-style roofs. From GAF roof coating solutions to American WeatherStar systems, we leverage the most effective roofing products and technology to ensure commercial buildings stay protected from the elements. 

Garcia Roofing specializes in flat roof coating solutions that can protect and repair roof surfaces. If you own a commercial building with a flat roof in Louisiana, you deserve to have the top roofing professionals safeguarding your investment. Learn how our flat roofing company delivers real value to commercial building owners.

Our Flat Roof Company Goes the Extra Mile

If you own a commercial building with a flat roof, you understand just how important effective maintenance is to the health of your roof and your building. Water often pools on top of flat rooftops, causing damage to the roof over time. This damage will likely worsen and create roof leaks, which can be costly to repair. This is why one of the best ways to save money is to ensure your roof’s maintenance needs are being taken care of.

For decades, Garcia Roofing has remained one of the most respected and top-rated commercial roofing companies in Louisiana. We strive to provide customers with quality services that meet their roofing needs, exceed expectations, and ultimately save money. This is why our roofing professionals rely on some of the highest-quality coating systems and solutions available for protection and repair.

GAF Roof Coatings

Garcia Roofing utilizes GAF roof coating solutions to safeguard flat rooftops from the elements. This liquid-applied roofing system is compatible with most existing roof types, making it a cost-effective solution for commercial building owners. This means structurally sound roofs should not require cover board installation or tear-offs, saving time and money. Let our flat roof company keep your investment protected with GAF solutions and expert flat roof coating services.

American WeatherStar Systems

Our professionals also use American WeatherStar solutions to stop leaks and protect against them. American WeatherStar is a leader in fluid-applied roof restoration systems, providing high-quality and energy-efficient products. These systems are versatile and compatible with a variety of commercial and industrial flat roof types. Using these systems, our roofing experts can address existing issues and prevent new sun, wind, and rain damage with regular maintenance.

Let Us Be Your Flat Roofing Company

If you’ve been searching for a flat roofing company with the experience, expertise, and tools to handle the needs of your commercial roof, you’ve found us. From start to finish, Garcia Roofing makes the process simple. Our professionals can evaluate the needs of your commercial building and offer a free quote for our flat roof coating services. Let us extend the lifespan of your flat roof with effective coating services you can count on.


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