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Shingle Roof Replacement | St. Francisville, LA

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Garcia Roofing has been dedicated to serving the St. Francisville area since 1992. We are one of the top roofing companies in the area and offer efficient and high-quality work when it comes to all your roofing needs. We offer customers a variety of roofing services, including shingle roof replacement. We know how important it is to make sure your roof is in tip-top shape.

Because St. Francisville experiences intense storms, especially during hurricane season, it is important to check for missing shingles and other damages before the storm season begins. At Garcia Roofing, we provide customers with a thorough roof inspection, so you know exactly what your shingle roof needs. If you need a new shingle roof, then Garcia Roofing has you covered. Our experienced roofers make your roofing experience stress-free and quick. We even work with insurance agents, so you don't have to worry about those long phone calls.

It is important to check your roof yearly in preparation for storms and harsh weather conditions. You may need a new shingle roof if your roof has the following problems:

  • Leaks in your roof
  • Any signs of damage to your shingles
  • Missing shingles
  • General wear and tear on your roof
  • If your roof is between 20-25 years old

Sit back and relax!

With Garcia, we guarantee your shingle roof replacement is a smooth process. Our professional roofers will take care of all the necessary prep work before installing the new shingles. This includes making repairs to the decking and flashing, so you can rest with ease knowing your roof is in good hands. Once the shingle roof is installed, our team of roofers will clean your yard and magnet for nails, so your hard is left the way it was before we came. Finally, our control supervisor will have a final inspection, so your know your roof is up to code and installed correctly. We ensure your new single roof leaves your home safe, secure and prepared for Louisiana's strong storms.

If you need a shingle roof replacement, Garcia Roofing will provide you with a free estimate after a proper inspection. Serving the St. Francisville area, our roofers are ready to give you the best customer service and quality roof for your home. Don't wait until you have severe damage to get your new shingle roof! Call us today to schedule your roof inspection.