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Spanish Tile Roofing
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Spanish Tiles Are
Strikingly Beautiful

Have you considered Spanish Tile for your next roofing project in Baton Rouge? Spanish Tile offers breathtaking beauty combined with reliability and durability for any roofing project! Spanish Tile is unique in that it’s not only highly aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but its highly durable material protects against some of the worst elements of Mother Nature. Whether it’s high winds, fire, rot, insect and pest damage, or another natural disaster, Spanish Tile Roofs can withstand most of it! Investing in Spanish Tile will add longevity, protection, and beauty to your home for a lifetime to come.

The Benefits of
Spanish Tile Roofs

A Spanish Tile roof can last up to a hundred years or more. Because of this, they come with a warranty that lasts for many years. Invest in your home with Spanish Tile, and add beauty as well as weather protection to your house.

Garcia Roofing's
Replacement Process

Remove & Repair
  1. Remove all old shingles or tiles
  2. Make necessary repairs to the original roof decking.
  3. Replace flashing and other roofing components, usually where leaks may occur (around the chimney, roof-to-wall junctions, etc.)
  1. Install proper weather-proofing and moister-barrier underlayment.
  2. Install new shingles, tiles, or metal roofing.
  3. Garcia Roofing nails every shingle above manufacturer specifications.
Clean Up
  1. Complete clean-up around your home -- like we would our own.
  2. Discard all debris, old material, and packaging materials.
  3. No nails left behind! We thoroughly comb around your home for stray nails.

Final inspection with our quality control supervisor!


My agent was very helpful and friendly. Mr. Magana showed my wife and I samples of shingles to pick from we selected harbor blue which highlighted the bluish tint color of our home and gave the look of our home a slightly contrasting color. Several people stopped and said the roof really highlighted our home here on the lake and was surprised what a new roof with the right color can do for our home.

— michael romano

Let Our Work
Speak For Itself

In September of 2014, Garcia Roofing began the installation of a Spanish Mission Tile Roof in Mallard Lakes Subdivision. This beautiful subdivision is located off of Hoo Shoo Too Road in Baton Rouge and features a stunning 30-acre private lake filled with bass and sac-a-lait. The beautiful upscale homes in this community call for equally beautiful roofs to complement them.

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