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Why choose Metal Roofing?

You may have noticed that metal roofing in Louisiana is becoming more and more popular for home and business owners looking for a long-lasting, extremely durable, energy-efficient, and attractive roofing system that is virtually maintenance-free.

Metal roofing has gone through quite a transformation in recent years and is now available in a variety of color and design options to suit your preferences.

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Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing Seam Metal Roof Baton Rouge

Metal roofs are long-lasting and highly resistant to weathering, erosion and even fire. Unlike other conventional roofing materials, metal roofs will not erode, crack, or shrink. Best of all, metal roofs can last 40-60 years, which is 3-4 times longer than other types of roofing systems!

Today, the most popular type of metal roofing system by far is the standing seam option. This type of roof is made up of continuous metal panels that are installed vertically from the roof’s ridge down to the eaves and joined by seams that are raised above the level of the roof. This option is particularly desirable because it reduces the likelihood of water damage from leaking seams and moisture build-up.

Increase your energy-efficiency
Metal roofing is highly energy-efficient due to its ability to insulate and block out heat from the sun by reflecting UV rays. This reduces the cost of running air conditioning systems, which is one of the reasons why metal roofing in Louisiana is gaining popularity.

Quality and dependability
We are dedicated to superior customer service and we will guide you through the entire process. You will receive a top-quality product with professional installation by our Louisiana roofing contractors. Call us today to learn more about installing a metal roof on your home or business - you will be glad you did!

Roofing Types

The style of your roof can totally transform the look of your home. You want your roof to not only be durable and energy efficient, but also to look great and make a statement. Our roofing experts take their time helping you choose a style, and our roofing crews meticulously install your roof to ensure the best quality.