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Custom Metal AwningsGarcia Roofing Louisiana

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Custom Metal Awnings

Give your Louisiana home or commercial property an upgrade with custom metal awnings

If you are in need of shade or covering at your commercial location, you may want to consider custom sheet metal awnings. In addition to protecting your structure from the elements and direct sunlight, you can also create a branding opportunity for your business. Copper and brown metal awnings can serve as traditional awnings or as a canopy leading to your entrance.

A perfect option for your commercial structure

Custom metal awnings are a great option for commercial structures because you can attach them to nearly any type of building without fear of damage. Metal awnings are also a lot more durable than the fabric options and require a lot less maintenance and attention. They can also be customized to match the style of your home or business. Metal awnings don't have to be opened or closed during inclement weather and they basically take care of themselves!

Metal awnings are an aesthetic asset as well as an energy-efficient accessory

When you have metal awnings over your doors and windows they will not only provide shade to your building but will also lower the temperatures within your interior space. The shade that these durable awnings provide can help to keep your structure cooler in the hot summertime and lower your overall energy cooling costs. Energy efficiency is more important than ever, and every little bit helps! Metal awnings also help to prevent precipitation from damaging your windows and doors, all while they keep your customers dry as they enter and exit your building.

Awning customization is available to allow you to create the design aesthetic that is in keeping with the overall architectural style of your building. There is also the option to add custom scroll work to your awnings to create an even more unique and personalized look that sets your building apart.

Let us help you design the perfect custom metal awnings and canopies for your Louisiana business! Contact the team at Garcia Roofing and set up a consultation today.

*Custom styles may be created upon request

Style 101

Style 101 - Metal Awnings

Style 102

Style 102 - Metal Awnings

Style 103

Style 103 - Metal Awnings

Style 104

Style 104 - Metal Awnings