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Custom Finials

Does your roof look unfinished? It needs a finial
If your newly finished roof still looks a bit unfinished to you, that could be because it needs a finial. These small, ornamental spires add personality to your home and can be custom made just for you. Whether you want something that represents your family history, or a series of finials based on Louisiana symbolism, those finials are just a consultation away.

Don't finials belong on curtain rods?

Technically, a finial is any sort of cap or knob placed at the end of a rod. So yes, the knobs on each side of a curtain rail are called finials, and so are those small spires on top of your roof. Rooftop finials are the subject of many legends, from being a hidden weapons cache to warding off witches. Nowadays, finials are simply decorative.

Choose a material and style

You can choose any style you want in a range of materials. For durability, however, you're better off with a metal finial. Metal can be easily molded to create the exact shape you want, and it will not be prone to rot or pest damage.

The metal can also be coated or painted any color you want. If you have a light-colored wood-shake roof, for example, you can have the finials colored to match. If you have a dark asphalt-shingle roof, black or dark gray finials would look fantastic.

Lightning information

Because the finial can be one of the taller objects on the roof, you may wonder if lightning will be an issue. It shouldn't be anymore than a tall tree or metal chimney cap might be. Remember, it's the height and ease of the path to the ground that lightning seeks -- not metal specifically.

Metal finials should be coated anyway for added durability in bad weather, so the actual metal won't be exposed to the air. Still, if you want a finial to be the highest point on your roof, double-check about lightning protection.

Garcia Roofing provides customized metal finials in a range of colors. Choose the design you want, or create one yourself -- Garcia can make that design a reality.


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