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Slate Roofing

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Beautiful. Forever.
Slate Roofs.

Traditional slate roofs are fabulously successful roofing systems in Covington that can easily function as a waterproof covering on a building or house for a century, and if properly constructed, for 150 or even 200 years.

Despite their reputation as the finest of roofs, slate roofing is arguably the least expensive roof money can buy when the entire life of the roof is taken into consideration.

Garcia Roofing's
Replacement Process

Remove & Repair
  1. Remove all old shingles or tiles
  2. Make necessary repairs to the original roof decking.
  3. Replace flashing and other roofing components, usually where leaks may occur (around the chimney, roof-to-wall junctions, etc.)
  1. Install proper weather-proofing and moister-barrier underlayment.
  2. Install new shingles, tiles, or metal roofing.
  3. Garcia Roofing nails every shingle above manufacturer specifications.
Clean Up
  1. Complete clean-up around your home -- like we would our own.
  2. Discard all debris, old material, and packaging materials.
  3. No nails left behind! We thoroughly comb around your home for stray nails.

Final inspection with our quality control supervisor!


Bought a house in Baton Rouge when we were moving in from out of stare. It was easy to work with Garcia and they got everything done on time and communicated every step of the way. Glad to have a good roof over our heads!

— Chris Spalatin

Let Our Work
Speak For Itself

Garcia Roofing is proud to have been chosen to install a slate roof on a new home in the historic Tchefuncte Club Estates community in Covington, LA. Installing a new roof while considering the importance of local history played a crucial part in this project.

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