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Custom designed scroll work that fit the Covington styleGarcia Roofing Covington

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Custom Scroll Work

Add custom scroll work to your metal awnings

If you have opted for metal awnings to protect your Covington home, you may want to add custom scroll work to individualize them and increase the curb appeal of your home. Today's metal awnings are an effective way to provide shade to your home's interior while protecting your windows and doors from rain and moisture. Custom scrollwork, typically fabricated with wrought iron, can be the finishing touch that sets your home apart from your neighbors. Our team can help you create the perfect pieces that reflect your personal style.

The team at Garcia Roofing can help you design the custom scrolls that will complete the look for your metal awnings, based on your specifications. Whether you choose a design of your own making or go with a scroll that has already been produced, custom metal awnings already provide a beautiful and functional profile to your home, so why not give them an extra layer of visual appeal? Iron scrolls are the finishing touch that completes your outdoor decor and gives your home a unique facade.

Style 101

Scroll Work Covington, LA

Style 102

Scroll Work Covington

Style 103

Metal Scroll Work Covington, LA

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Scroll Work Covington, La

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Custom Scroll Work Covington, LA

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Scroll Work Covington, La

Custom Scroll Work Sets Your Metal Awnings Apart From the Crowd

Metal awnings are an effective way to keep your home protected from the elements while also giving your exterior a design boost. Custom scroll work is hand-crafted and offers a unique finishing touch to your metal awnings. This accessory is durable and requires very little, if any, maintenance due to its wrought iron design. Consider this ironwork to be an additional visual asset to your home's exterior profile, similar to your carefully curated landscaping.

Custom scroll work is available in a variety of different colors, textures, sizes, and shapes, with options available to suit your personal tastes and preferences. Contact the team at Garcia Roofing today to learn more about the positive impact that custom scroll work can add to your copper or brown metal awnings.

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