Why Custom Metal Awnings for Your Home

Choose custom metal awnings for your home with Garcia Roofing!

Metal awnings have been growing in popularity among Louisiana homeowners in recent years. Some property owners prefer door and window awnings while others like porch metal awnings. Custom metal awnings are a great way of adding aesthetic value to your home and increasing its visibility.

Why You Need Custom Metal Awnings for Your Home

Custom metal awnings attached to your doors and windows protect your property from the elements. They shield your window from direct sunlight during the day and block raindrops that would otherwise fall on the hinges causing rust.

Porch metal awnings are a great way of creating shade on your compound where you can relax and even have an outdoor meal. Porches can also hold items that are too cumbersome to fit in your house such as a barbecue grill.

Custom metal awnings are suited to your property because they are easy to attach to the structure without causing damage. They offer a great opportunity to express your personality. You can use bright-colored metal awnings bearing your name to differentiate your home from the rest of the properties in the neighborhood. The unique design increases the value of your property relative to similar homes in the area.

Metal awnings last longer than their fabric counterparts and are easier to maintain. They are also more tolerant of extreme weather than fabrics.

Metal awnings help moderate the internal temperature of your property during hot summers, reducing the energy used for air conditioning. They are a great way of making your home greener while adding some aesthetic appeal.

Garcia Custom Metal Awnings

At Garcia Roofing, we offer a wide range of custom metal awnings to our customers. We customize the awnings to produce a design that is consistent with the architectural style of your home, with four distinct styles for our customers to choose from, though please discuss your needs directly with us if we can help produce something special for your home. We also provide the option of adding scrollwork to produce an awning that expresses your personality. Contact us for further consultation about custom awning or canopy for your property.