Why Choose Metal Roofing?

Choose metal roofing with Garcia Roofing!

Asphalt shingles have been the traditional roofing material in Louisiana for generations. Everyone has seen roofs with curled or missing patches of shingles after high winds. This can be avoided by choosing metal roofing.

A lot of people assume that asphalt shingles are the economical choice, but if you have to fill in bald spots on your roof every time a bad storm passes through, the roofing repairs can quickly overwhelm any initial savings. By contrast, metal roofing is made to withstand higher velocity winds. The thickness of the metal, how many fasteners are used to attach it to the roof, and how close to the edge of the roof the fasteners extend can all influence how the roof withstands winds. Your roofing professional will be prepared to discuss these issues with you.

Another factor to consider when selecting your roofing material is how your new roof will affect your utility bill. Walk around outside on any hot summer day and touch something that is black metal and then touch something that is white metal. Notice that the black metal absorbs so much heat that it will almost burn your skin when you touch it. On the other hand, the white metal will be cool to the touch. It works the very same way on your roof. The lighter color of the roof is, the cooler the interior of the house will stay. Metal roofing is one of the few roofing materials that come in true white. Take advantage of that benefit!

Another major consideration when considering a new roof is curb appeal. Metal roofing is one of the only roofing materials that can be ordered in a huge variety of colors. To find out which color will look best, go outside and take a picture of your house. Print the picture on paper, and start coloring on the roof. Doing this will let you test various colors to see which you like best. You may find that your current drab-colored roof will turn into a stunning design element when you choose an appealing color of metal roofing.

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