Santa Did My Roof 2020

We love to help our community!

Garcia Roofing knows how important it is to have a functional and long-lasting roof for your home. That is why this past holiday season, Garcia decided to select three lucky families to win a free new roof installation! These winners were randomly selected for the 2020 contest and were picked from different parts of Southern Louisiana.

In Houma, Earl Smith won the Fox8 Santa Did My Roof contest, which came at a very good time for his family because of the damage the last storm that hit his house had caused. “Probably the last three storms we lost shingles,” said Smith. “The last storm was really bad.” With the 2020 hurricane season being one of the most active in recent years, Mr. Smith was overjoyed with the new roof. “It’s gonna take a lot off our mind. It’s gonna take one less thing we gotta worry about,” said Smith.

In Belle Rose, Valarie Jackson was the winner of the WAFB Channel 9 Santa Did My Roof contest. Her home, which was built in the 1970s, had to withstand several hurricanes over the years and had damage that caused her family to put a tarp over parts of the roof to keep the home safe from impending storms.

This home was very important to Jackson since the home was originally for her mother. “She worked & saved for it, and put the money on the side for the house. and She saved for it, and I’m just so happy to do this for her. Thank you WAFB Channel 9 and Garcia Roofing for my roof. On behalf of my mother, I love you, thank you,” Jackson said. Jackson is thrilled to be recieving a new roof and is looking forward to spending time with her loved ones.

In Jennings, Selina Neal was surprisingly shocked to find out she had won the KLFY Santa Did My Roof contest on her birthday! While she was excited to win a new roof, she knew that others were in greater need than she was. “Hurricane Laura did a lot of damage down my street and It took off many roofs. We were without power, but we were blessed and more blessed than others down here,” said Neal.

While Neal was fortunate to have had minimal damage from hurricane Laura, she saw the opportunity to help someone else. “I have decided to bless one of my neighbors who have had a rough this year, not just with hurricanes and COVID, but his wife with cancer and stuff,” said Neal. “So with that being said, I would like to bless my neighbors and make the donations for the free roof.” Her neighbor, Ronnie, was very happy to receive the new roof from KLFY and Garcia Roofing.

We are very happy for all of our contest winners and cannot wait to hear from them about their new roofs! For more information on new roof installations, contact Garcia Roofing for a free estimate today!