Roof Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know

Here are some roof maintenance tips to help you out!

How do you maintain a roofing system? For years, homeowners and business owners alike have had to repair and replace their roofs because of damage incurred during a storm or because it’s reaching the end of its life cycle. Even though no roof can last forever, you’ll get much more mileage out of your roofing system if you follow our top-tips for roof maintenance:

1) Get a Professional Roof Inspection

Curious about why you need to pay for someone just to climb onto your roof just to tell you what your eyes can see on their own? It’s not that simple, unfortunately, and professional roofing inspectors are invaluable tools for spotting budding problems and roofing issues that an everyday homeowner misses. It’s intelligent to have your roof inspected every two years at least to make sure that little fixes don’t become costly repairs. 

2) Check Your Shingles 

After a storm or high winds, walk around your property to see if there’s any harm done to the roofing system. You don’t even need to always get on top of your roof; seeing branches laying atop your home or parts of shingles on your lawn is more than enough evidence that it’s time to have your roof professionally inspected. 

3) Wash Your Roof

A critical tip for maintaining a shingle roof is to wash it regularly. At some point, your roofing system will begin to appear dirty with dark streaks making their day down from peak to eave. These lines are algae that have started to make themselves comfortable on top of your roof. Although not immediately problematic, it will eventually cause your shingles to degrade faster. A roofing professional can install copper strips near the peak of your home so that rainwater kills the algae naturally as well as wash away existing algae with a bleach solution. 

4) Clean Your Gutter System 

It’s a dirty job at times, especially in the fall, but it’s a critical step for maintaining a roof. Your gutters keep water from entering your home’s lower roof areas by removing it from your home efficiently. Otherwise, your roof’s lower structures will be vulnerable to water damage. In order to keep your gutters working like new, make sure that they are cleaned at least twice a year. 

*Gutter services are only offered as part of a roofing project.

5) Look for Leaks Inside

In your attic or on your ceiling, you might notice a change in color or an expanding yellow or darker border. This is a telltale sign of water damage, which means that your roofing system’s integrity has been compromised. However, there are a few key other signs of water damage from a leak:

  • bulging patches of interior walls 
  • musty smells in certain areas or rooms
  • cracking and peeling wallpaper and paint
  • a notable change in humidity, especially when accessing rooms on the same floor without an obvious cause

If you notice any of these things, it’s a good idea to call a professional roofing company nearby that specializes in fixing roof leaks. 

6) Inspect and Repair Your Chimney

If your home has a chimney, then it’s possible that water is coming through cracks in the mortar. When maintaining a roof, it’s important to think of everything attached to it as part of the roof’s “body.” Since the chimney acts almost like an esophagus into your home, you’ll want to have a chimney contractor make any necessary repairs to keep it functioning properly. 

7) Trim Overhanging Branches 

Even the most sturdy-looking tree can have issues in a windstorm that sends heavy branches crashing onto your roofing system. Having a professional roofing company nearby come out to inspect your roof’s risk for damages and trim back any branches goes a long way in preventing damage that could cost you a lot more than a round of landscaping. Not only that, but fewer branches means fewer leaves falling into your gutters, allowing them to work for longer periods of time with less frequent cleaning requirements. 

Professional Roof Maintenance Tips for All

If you’re looking to avoid the news from a roofing inspector who determines it’s in need of repairs or replacement, then don’t fret. You can use the above tips to better understand your roofing system and how to maintain it in the future to keep your roof functioning for years to come. If you’re interested in taking advantage of the best roofing maintenance professionals in the area, then give us a call or email today to schedule an appointment