Project Spotlight: Slate Roof – Tchefuncte Club, Covington

Take a look at what we've done for the Tchefuncte Club!

Garcia Roofing is proud to have been chosen to install a slate roof on a new home in the historic Tchefuncte Club Estates community in Covington, LA. Installing a new roof while considering the importance of local history played a crucial part in this project.

Tchefuncte Club Estates – A Historic Community in Covington, LA

Originally purchased by a group of professional men and women searching for a place where they could develop weekend homes and campsites, the 900 acres of land belonging to what is currently known as the Tchefuncta Club Estates is situated along the beautiful Tchefuncte River. The picturesque location and vast potential of the area spurred interest in the development of the property for full-time homes, and the original idea of part-time residences was scrapped in favor of a permanent community that includes the Tchefuncta Country Club, golf course, marina, and nature trails.

Established in 1956, the construction of Tchefuncta Club Estates was well underway by 1959 and the original community consisted of 246 homeowners, and the subdivision remains a tight-knit and prosperous community. The Tchefuncta Country Club is a notable part of the area: the only private, member-owned country club in the area, the country club opened in 1961 and boasts between 550 and 600 members. With over half a century of history behind them, Tchefuncta Club Estates represent an important addition to the local community, particularly through their skillful development of the land in question.

Choosing the Right Services for Your Home

Garcia Roofing and Sheet Metal is proud to have recently worked on one of the new homes in this historic community and provided a number of services, including the installation of a Semi-Weathering Grey Green slate from Greenstone Slate roof.

Slate roofing, generally considered to be one of the roofing materials on the market today that is of the highest quality and longest longevity, is worth every bit of the considerable effort it takes to install. Not only does it offer unparalleled beauty, but is also known to withstand up to 150 years if properly constructed and is fire resistant and environmentally friendly. In keeping with the history of the area, its prosperity, and its architecture, this slate roof was a fantastic choice that will eventually yield lovely, rich earth tones and truly enhances the building’s appearance and value.

The installation of the new slate roof went very smoothly, with the slate capped using stainless steel nails to ensure the impeccable endurance and attractive appearance of the building. A multitude of other components was also installed, including a 16oz copper drip edge, copper valleys, copper roof jacks, and copper half-round gutters with round copper downspouts. We painstakingly installed multiple different sections of copper standing seam roofing as well and made sure the overall look of the roof was cohesive and true to the original architecture. The chimney caps were fabricated using brown metal rather than cooper in order to guarantee that the copper patina did not bleed onto the stucco.

Thank You!

As professionals with over 20 years of experience, we at Garcia Roofing and Sheet Metal understand how important dedication and loyalty is and would like to thank you for allowing us to work with you on all manner of jobs. Accuracy, precision, and hard work are some of our most valued traits, and we believe that our successful restoration of historic architecture, as well as our careful construction and installation of roofs of the highest quality, accurately reflect our resolve and commitment to our clients and the preservation of our local history.