Project Spotlight: Metal Roof Installation in Geismar, LA

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Garcia Roofing was called to a home in Geismar for a full residential re-roofing job. The homeowners wanted to install a roof that would look great and last for years to come, so we custom-fabricated a standing seam metal roof on the job site for them.

First, the shingles were removed from the bare deck. New ice and water underlayment were installed directly to the decking to ensure property adhesion to the surface.

We fabricated the roof edging in our shop and installed it prior to any other metals. All valley metal flashings were fabricated in our shop and installed prior to any panels. We then began the installation of metal roof panels. They were fabricated from our own machine and were 26 gauge standing seam metal panels with unexposed fasteners (also known as Image 2 panel). The color chosen was “Galvalume.”

Before & After

The existing copper gutter system was carefully removed and stored to prevent denting. These gutters were reinstalled once the metal roofing panels were installed. The flashing metal around the chimney and other areas was customized to property transition from the previous shingle roof to a new metal system.

Water heater vents, HVAC vents, and a special attic “Triangular Louver Vent” were fabricated out of the same material as the metal roof to ensure aesthetic beauty. The final touch was the installation of the roof capping, which was also fabricated in our sheet metal shop.