Project Spotlight: Carrington Place of Baton Rouge

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A Proud Roofing Success Story!

Recently we had the honor of working for Carrington Place.

This is a seniors’ housing facility that offers a comfortable environment along with all the advantages, amenities, and conveniences required for living a full, active life. With 10 locations in the United States, Carrington Place has provided hundreds of seniors with much-needed care, assistance, and love.

We were contracted for the roof replacement of their Baton Rouge living facilities. It was a pleasure working with their trained staff, and the project, though challenging, was also immensely gratifying.

How We Started: Material Selection

Aesthetics were of the utmost importance. After all, the building had to appear comfortable and attractive to ensure the security and peace of mind of its senior residents. In addition, the fact that we were roofing a 65,000 square foot complex made cost a huge consideration. The installation requirements were a major factor in the selection process.

After much discussion with the Property Manager, we decided that Owens Corning Duration® TruDEF® architectural shingles would best meet the requirements. The choice for the color was easy. Slate gray helped the building stand out from its surroundings and nicely complimented the simple architectural style as well.

Planning the Roofing Project

We began the job by assessing the area and finding a suitable area to place our dumpsters. To ensure the safety of the nearby residents, the work area was roped off, and relevant safety measures were implemented. The crew conducted a safety meeting where requirements for the project were set.

How We Got It Done: The Installation Process!

Since Carrington Place of Baton Rouge is a huge facility, we had to carefully re-roof the entire building one section at a time.

For each section, we first removed the existing shingles and inspected the decking to ensure its condition. Any rotted decking was promptly replaced. The metal flashing was also inspected and repaired as needed.

The next step of the installation was to waterproof each section of the roof. This meant completely removing the existing shingles and installing a 15 lb roofing felt layer to ensure a completely waterproof roof. The plumbing vents were also replaced.

Next was the inspection and re-flashing of the skylights to prevent any future leaks. The roof was now primed and ready for the final shingle installation.

According to the manufacturer’s instructions, six nails per shingle were used. Almost 3000 feet of metal drip edge was used. That’s half a mile of drip edge metal!

Carrington Place Now Looks Amazing!

We are proud of the work that has been done. The whole project, from beginning to end, took us four weeks to complete. That’s not bad for a 65,000 square foot, two-story complex! Carrington Place of Baton Rouge is located at 8225 Summa Ave, Baton Rouge, LA 70809. Go take a look for yourself!