Project Spotlight: Cedar Shake Roof

Take a look at this cedar shake roof project!

In the fall of 2016, Garcia Roofing completed a cedar shake roofing project in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Since their’s was a historical home and required special installation, the owners did much research before choosing a competent roofer for the job. Garcia Roofing is honored to have been selected for this extraordinary project.

After carefully assessing the project, we selected our most experienced crew. A site visit from our safety consultant ensured proper safety precautions would be taken.

Careful removal and disposal of the over eighty-year-old cedar shake roof was the initial step in the lengthy process. The owners’ personal items stored in the attic were protected with Visqueen, and the home’s many beautiful gardens were tarped for protection from falling debris. The weather presented a usual challenge throughout the project, only allowing removal of one to two slopes at a time. Doing so, however, assured us of a watertight area in the likely event of rain.

Once preparations were complete, premium-grade Certi-split Edge Grain (CCA Treaded) shingles were installed and fastened using stainless steel Maze nails. Multi-layered thirty-pound felt was then layered between each row of shingles, and hand-split ridge planks were used for the ridges. Rather than use capping on the hips, we chose to make them seamless by using a special installation technique to round off the hips. All flashing around chimneys, dormers, and valleys was replaced with new, fabricated copper from our sheet metal shop.

The result of our careful planning and impeccable installation was another homeowner proud to say, “GARCIA DID MY ROOF!™”