How to Avoid Storm Chasers and Find a Reputable Lafayette Roofing Company

This year’s hurricane season has hit Louisiana hard, leaving many with damaged roofs and homes. With storms hitting one after another, many people are struggling to keep up with their damages. With each storm having high winds and heavy rainfall, homes, roofs, and commercial buildings have a significant amount of damage. Many homes in the Lafayette area need reputable roofing companies, and many have waiting lists that seem never to end. The sheer volume of those in need causes storm chasing “roofing companies” to flood the area and take advantage of those in need of roofing services. These so-called roofing companies follow storms to find quick work but offer little to no reliability or skill. Unfortunately, these storm chasers are not reputable roofing companies. To avoid hiring storm chasers, you want to do a quick search of local roofing companies in Lafayette, Louisiana. These local companies will have a record of clients with reviews, a local contact number, and locations to speak with a contractor or view roofing materials.

Storm chasers do not provide you with a list of clients or reviews in the area. Their business name will be newly registered and are typically registered within a few days after a major storm. Doing your research before hiring a roofing company is a must, so you know your home is in safe and in professional hands. While being on a waiting list is never convenient, it could save you money and headache. We are working hard to cover the Lafayette area. We provide our customers with reliability and high-quality work, so you know you are getting the best services.

Garcia Roofing has been a trusted roofer in South Louisiana since 1992. We started out right down the road from Lafayette in Baton Rouge, and have slowly grown to cover a service area from Lafayette to New Orleans. We know Louisiana; we’ve done roofs for neighbors all around you. We can promise that we won’t do a shoddy roofing job then disappear the next day. Our work is the highest quality around, which is how we’ve built such a solid reputation for ourselves. We’re here for the long haul, rebuilding Louisiana as we have so many times before.