Gutter Systems and your Home

If you are in need of a new gutter system, Garcia Roofing delivers the best gutter installation in Baton Rouge, PrairievilleGonzalesDenham SpringsSt. Francisville, and Livingston. Our gutter systems will deliver the protection that your property deserves by collecting and removing excess rain from your roof. Save your valuable home and expensive landscaping from damage with our customized gutters that will complement their aesthetic for years to come. 

Materials Gutters Are Made From

We provide customers with custom gutters in multiple materials. These materials include:  

  • Aluminum: long-lasting and durable, these aluminum gutters are highly popular thanks to their low weight and reasonable pricing.
  • Galvanized Steel: known to be one of the most durable options, galvanized steel gutters can have a very long life if cared for and are more resistant to ladders, falling debris, and animal interference.
  • Copper: one of the most aesthetically pleasing choices, copper gutters are a lovely accent to any home and provide a stalwart service in directing rainwater away from your roof system. 

They are also available in a wide palette of colors to match the colors of your home and landscaping. 

Importance of Quality Gutter Systems

Just like a roof, gutters serve an important role in keeping your home safe from the elements. Gutters help with:

Soil Erosion

A common problem in landscaping, soil erosion occurs when water is not guided away properly. Excessive water will wash away the nutrient-filled topsoil your shrubbery and other plants need to remain healthy and happy. With some new gutters, you’ll be able to direct water as needed and away from where it will do damage, allowing your garden and yard to flourish. 

Basement Flooding

If you don’t use gutters to protect your home, then rainwater will inevitably become too friendly with the inside of your roof and saturate the underlying structure. Once wet for a long enough time, the wooden elements of your roof will rot away and cause not only a decrease in energy performance but also in safety. Eventually, water will make its way into the lower areas of your home to cause your foundation to weaken and crack. Having no gutters can cause your house to start listing to one side! 

Preserve Your Siding 

Your exterior siding can only do so much to protect your walls from the elements on their own. Rather than putting all of the burdens on your siding, adding gutters to your home will prevent a lot of water from challenging it in the first place. Our gutters will minimize the amount of water that will come into contact with your siding and lower the chances of unfortunate staining and damaging corrosion. 

If you are looking to improve your gutter system, reach out to the gutter experts at Garcia Roofing via phone or email to learn more about new gutter systems. Our knowledgeable staff will aid you in making the important decisions about protecting your home with the best gutters in Louisiana! 

*Gutter services are only offered as part of a roofing project.