Does Your Home Need Chimney Caps?

A chimney cap is a protective measure that can help keep animals and unwanted objects and debris from entering your home via the chimney opening. The cap provides many important and essential functions, and we recommend that all of our clients have one installed on their home or business chimney.

These caps allow you to protect your home while still using your fireplace as you do now. There are several different reasons to install a chimney cap:

It prevents animals from entering your home or from building a nest inside your chimney. If a squirrel or bird builds their nest inside your chimney it can block the flow of air and cause carbon monoxide to enter your home.
Sparks and embers can travel up your chimney and land on your roof when they are still lit which causes a very serious fire hazard.

During periods of high wind, dirt and debris can travel down your chimney and into your home causing a mess and leaving a dusty film on your furniture.

Rain and snow can get into your chimney, and this moisture can cause the lining that protects your chimney to degrade. This degradation can cause serious problems that are expensive to fix.

If you enjoy using your fireplace but want to avoid the problems outlined above, a chimney cap is an easy and effective solution. Whether your chimney is constructed of masonry or is round and steel, there are a variety of different chimney caps that will complement the look of your roof and your home.