Do I Need Gutter Helmets?

Why You Should Use Gutter Helmets on Your Roof

If you own a home in Louisiana, we’re sure you have endured the daunting task of cleaning your gutter every other week. You might also have called a gutter repair company to unblock it after it had an overflow that caused ugly stains on the walls and erosion on parts of your property. Luckily, you can lower the cost of maintaining your gutter by installing a gutter helmet.

Gutter helmets are covers screwed onto your gutter to prevent litter from collecting on the gutter trough. They help keep the gutter clean by deflecting dirt that would normally accumulate on the surface. Gutter helmets ensure that all the rainwater falling on your roof is properly drained. Roofing experts use brackets to ensure that they remain intact even in extreme weather.

Importance of Gutter Helmets 

Gutter helmets improve the functionality of gutters by ensuring that all rainwater drains properly without obstructions that may cause it to overflow and run into your property. They also increase the durability of your gutter by preventing dirt and organic matter from catalyzing the rusting process. Helmets reduce the risk of gutter leakages that can cause damage to your home increasing maintenance costs and reducing the life of your property.

All roofs can be improved by installing gutter helmets, but they are especially valuable to homes located in areas that experience extreme weather. They also come in handy if your property is surrounded by trees.

When installed properly, gutter helmets reduce the cost of maintaining your roof and increase the life of your property. Gutter helmets will also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your roof and the value of your home.

Why Choose Us

Garcia Roofing offers custom-made gutter helmets for homes Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, Gonzales, Livingston, and Prairieville. Our helmets are of high quality and embellish your home while protecting it from the elements. We offer a wide variety of colors so that you can select the color that matches the rest of your roof. Our gutter helmets are long-lasting and come with a triple lifetime warranty. If you need to add a gutter helmet to your roof, call us for further consultations on the best solution for your home.

*Gutter services are only offered as part of a roofing project.