2023 Santa Did My Roof Winners

This year, Santa made his way to Louisiana with a little help from Garcia Roofing!

This holiday season, Garcia Roofing partnered with Santa Claus to deliver joy and much-needed relief to three deserving families in Louisiana, providing them with free roof installations. Given the state’s often unpredictable weather, the security of a dependable roof cannot be overstated. Join us in exploring Garcia Roofing’s commitment to enhancing the safety and comfort of your home. Continue reading to learn about the fortunate recipients of the 2023 Santa Did My Roof contest and our unwavering dedication to giving back to the community!

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A Round of Applause for Our Winners!

Right in the heart of Metairie, near the lively city of New Orleans, Catherine Lotz found herself as the lucky first winner of our contest after her name was chosen out of over a thousand entries. Thanks to Garcia Roofing’s holiday generosity, her home got the much-needed roof repairs to start the new year right.

In fact, Lotz shared, “It had been since Katrina since I had a new roof, so the timing was perfect, and I’m excited that I’m getting the new roof!” With Garcia Roofing’s reliable work, Catherine can now relax, knowing her home is protected for years to come, no matter the weather in the Crescent City.

In Baton Rouge, when Patrick Duffy caught wind of the giveaway on the news, he didn’t hesitate to throw his name into the hat, hoping for a chance to mend his aging roof. He couldn’t believe his ears when he learned he was the winner. As a recent occupant of the home, Duffy is incredibly thankful to start the years to come with a reliable roof overhead, courtesy of WAFB and Garcia Roofing.

Over in Lafayette, in the land of the Ragin’ Cajun, Dion Martin won a roof from this year’s Santa Did My Roof Giveaway. In Lafayette, residents know how important a reliable roof can be against the temperamental weather of Louisiana. So, Garcia Roofing was happy to get started on Martin’s roof right away!

We’re thrilled to celebrate our contest winners and eagerly anticipate their feedback on enjoying their new roofing systems!

A Louisiana Residential Roofer Who Contributes to the Community

For a new roof installation, contact Garcia Roofing by phone or email to receive a complimentary estimate today. Secure a free estimate to shield your home with a dependable roof in anticipation of the upcoming hurricane season. Allow our expert residential roofers to give you the feeling that Santa has made a special visit to Louisiana just for you!