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Cedar / Wood Shake Roofing, New Orleans

Cedar Shake Roof New Orleans

Many roofing material options are available, but one option stands out as surprisingly tough: wood shake roofing. These shakes, often made from trees like cedar, make a house look cozier than other roofing materials can. While metal and tile get a lot of attention nowadays, wood shake roofing remains one of the better options if you want a natural-looking roof that lasts for a very long time.

What is a shake?

A shake is a piece of wood that is relatively square and has a thinner end and a thicker end. Shakes are usually left with rather rough surfaces; they're not smoothed and finished, and thus retain a more natural look. Wood shakes differ from wood shingles in that shingles are usually thinner and smoother. Wood shakes are not processed very much after they've been cut from logs, but shingles are machine-carved and smoothed into uniform pieces.

Shake roofs and longevity

Wood often gets a bad rap for its tendency to rot and sustain damage from storms, but shake roofs can last for a very long time. Because they are thicker than wood or asphalt shingles, the shakes do not deteriorate as quickly when exposed to extreme weather. This is an essential feature for homes in places like New Orleans, which can see heavy rain, hot summers, and even very cold winters with below-freezing temperatures. The continual changes in the weather will have less of an effect on shakes simply because there is more material and the shakes aren't as fragile.

Shakes are also very good in high winds. Thinner shingles may lift off your roof easily, but thicker shakes have a better chance of staying put.

Fire issues

The one real consideration with shakes, or any wood roof product, is flammability. Untreated shakes are outlawed in some high-fire-risk regions because the shakes can be flammable. However, treated shakes that have a fire retardant in the wood help mitigate the risk of spreading flames.

In New Orleans, a tough roof is a necessity. Contact Garcia Roofing to see the colors and sizes available and to get an installation quote.

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