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Serving the Livingston area since 1992, Garcia Roofing has been dedicated to providing customers with professional and efficient work. If you need a roofer for your commercial property, then Garcia Roofing is here for you. At Garcia Roofing, we offer customers services for roof installations and roof replacements with high-quality materials ranging from shingles to metal roofing. We make sure your roofing experience is stress-free by covering the entire job, from installation to clean up. Our Livingston clients are always pleased with our services.

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We know that customizing your commercial roof is important. At Garcia Roofing, we make choosing your shingles, tiles, or metal roofing system easy. We will guide you through the process of selecting the best materials for your commercial property. Our roofers are experienced in a variety of commercial properties, including multi-family residences, hotels, retirement communities, and apartment complexes. With our experience, you know you are getting the right materials for your specific building. You can count on Garcia Roofing to provide you with top-quality work.Aside from installing your roof, we also help our customers maintain their commercial roofs. We offer thorough inspections, which help keep your roof prepared for some of Louisiana’s harsh storms. Having a yearly inspection will ensure your commercial property is ready for winter and hurricane season, potentially saving you money in repairs.No matter your commercial roofing needs, Garcia Roofing has you covered. From inspections or new installations, we make sure you get the services you need for your commercial roof.

Which Commercial Roof Type Is Right For Your Project?

The style of your roof can totally transform the look of your home. You want your roof to not only be durable and energy-efficient, but also to look great and make a statement. Our roofing experts take their time helping you choose a style, and our roofing crews meticulously install your roof to ensure the best quality.

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