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Custom Chimney Caps

Protect your Louisiana home from birds and debris with custom chimney caps
If you want to protect your Louisiana home while still adding a design element that complements your house's exterior, consider custom chimney caps. These devices are an effective way to keep debris out of your chimney while also adding an attractive feature to your home. There is a wide range of custom options available, with one that is sure to meet all of your requirements!

Don't light a fire only to find out that a bird is nesting in your chimney!

Keeping your flue and chimney free of nests, dirt, and debris is step one in operating a safe fireplace in your Louisiana home. You do not want to light up your fireplace only to find out that you have created a major fire hazard because of the articles that have collected in your chimney. Many animals, especially birds, seek shelter in chimneys during cool weather, and their highly flammable nests can remain long after they are gone. Custom chimney caps are an effective way to avoid these issues as they allow you to enjoy your fireplace worry-free.

We can match your custom chimney caps to your exact specifications

Just because your chimney caps perform a very important safety feature, it does not mean that they can't also be attractive. We are able to match almost any roof tile color that you may desire! Our custom designs also give you the option to create the style that best compliments your home. You tell us the look that you are going for and we will direct you to the custom finishes, styles, and sizes that best suit your needs. Our team is here to guide you through the entire process and ensure that your custom chimney cap is more than just a safety tool, but an asset to your home's exterior style.

Chimney maintenance and protection is an important part of keeping your roof in top shape! Contact the team at Garcia Roofing today and learn more about how custom chimney caps can help keep your chimney clear of animals and debris.

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