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Safety CommitmentGarcia Roofing Covington

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OSHA Compliance

PS Safety & Risk Management, LLC has been the safety consultants for Garcia Roofing for several years. During that time we have implemented safety policies, procedures and training requirements that set them apart from their commercial and residential competitors.

We conduct training for all employees before they are allowed to work on a project, and follow up with weekly safety meetings and job site inspections to ensure compliance. Garcia Roofing has a strict disciplinary action program that is 100% backed by Senior Management which enforces removal of an employee from a project for safety violations.

With my 30 years’ experience in construction safety (see bio at, and an experienced professional staff, we have provided our clients with a safety service that allows their customers to enjoy a safe and healthy jobsite. We not only train the workers about their safety, we implement policies that protects their customers and/or people who may be in that area.

-Peggy Sellers, PS Safety and Risk Management

Safety Letter

No Texting and Driving Commitment

No Texting and Driving Commitment - Safety Commitment

Garcia Roofing fleet is equipped with an Anti Texting and Driving mechanism. All drivers must dock phones on this machine before the vehicle can start.

If the phone gets taken out of the dock while the engine is running, an annoying beep will be activated and the employee must report to the office before the truck will start again.

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