Signs Your Roof Needs to be Repaired

Looking for a repair specialist?

The material of the roof, its exposure to UV rays, and harsh weather conditions can determine its lifespan. However, roof repairs done on time can add more years to the life of your roof. Here are five signs your roof needs to be repaired.

Exterior light showing

Switch off the lights and look in your attic on a bright day, and if you see sunlight, it means there is a hole on your roof. Objects ferried by strong winds can cause such damage, and it is nothing to ignore. Early repairs are quick and cheaper, so don’t wait until water leaks through because you will incur more expenses in ceiling repairs, heating, and medical bills.

Leaks after a rainstorm

Water leaks in your home can be indicative of a possible opening on your roof. Remember that small leaks can result in more significant problems like damaged ceilings, destroyed insulation, rotting sheathing and framing, and mold. Therefore, ensure that you call a professional to inspect your roof and recommend necessary repairs.

Falling shingles

Finding shingles on the ground should be a cause for alarm because it is a sign of significant structural damage to your roof. Note that falling shingles can result from old age, improper installation, or strong winds. Without all the shingles, your roof weakens and exposes your property to possible damage.

Missing granules

Granules offer aesthetic beauty, fire resistance, and UV rays protection. By looking from the ground level, you can notice missing granules. Your roof will lose granules if the shingles are damaged by hail or storm, if they are aging normally, or if the shingles were of poor quality. Check your roof regularly and talk to a roofing expert when you notice anything unusual.

Higher energy bills

Is there a sudden increase in your heating and air conditioning costs? Your home or office system may be working extra hard to make up for the cool and warm air escaping through the roof. Address the problem in your roof, and your energy bills will drop immediately afterward.

Both Baton Rouge and Atlanta roofers understand the importance of a strong roof that will stand up to storms. Garcia Roofing can fix your damaged or leaking roof in Baton Rouge with expertise and precision. Call us today to get the job done right.