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Residential Roofing Services in the Baton Rouge Area

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Is your home showing some wear and tear thanks to Father Time or Mother Nature? Maybe you’re constructing something new, and you’re trying to decide on what materials will look best on your home? Just like the hair or hat on someone’s head, a roof is an integral component of a home’s style and serves as protection against the elements. It’s therefore critically important that you select the proper materials that match what you’re trying to accomplish aesthetically and functionally.

Garcia's residential roofing services offered in the Baton Rouge area include roof replacement, sheet metal, roof repairs, and more. No matter what kind of roofing service you are looking for, we can make the process simple and painless from start to finish. We will leave you with a beautiful, high-quality roof that will last you for years to come.

We also offer commercial roofing services for businesses in and around Baton Rouge.

Choosing the Right Type of Residential Roof

Baton Rouge is known for its classic yet contemporary style, and the homes are certainly examples of this. However, selecting the right residential roof for a new or existing home can be more complex than people might realize. With a multitude of choices, how can you be sure which one is right for you?

Types of Residential Roof Materials

Residential roofs in Baton Rouge come in a wide variety of options, from asphalt (the most common and inexpensive choice) to complex, custom designs. Garcia Roofing has experience with ceramic tile, asphalt, slate, metal, and wood shingles.

Spanish / Ceramic Tile Residential Roofs

Spanish Tile Baton Rouge

For those seeking to add some character to their homes, ceramic tile roofs might be just the ticket. Generally durable, ceramic roofs are resistant to UV light fading their colors and stand up to fire easily. Ceramic tiles that are well crafted will keep a home looking sharp for at least 60 years.

In the United States, roofs that are equipped with tiles made of ceramic borrow their general aesthetic from Spanish architecture. Overlapping in order to keep out rainwater, the tiles will be organized in parallel rows.

Climates that fluctuate greatly in temperature and weather conditions are not suitable for ceramic tile roofs. Although they are able to stand up to rain and sunshine, ceramic is fragile and can be damaged by walking on top of it or from high winds.

Shingle / Asphalt Residential Roofs

Shingles Roofing Baton Rouge

Asphalt is the most typical residential roofing material for shingles in the USA. This is because they are not only easy to install but economical for any budget. Shingles that are made of asphalt are durable, and they come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Able to function between a wide range of temperatures, asphalt is also talented at resisting rain penetration.

Asphalt residential roofs in Baton Rouge are able to last for roughly 20 years when exposed to extreme temperatures and high levels of sunlight. The darker the asphalt shingles are, the more prone they are to becoming lighter in their shade of color and display inconsistencies. Although typically known for also showing algae marks if left uncleaned for a long enough time, asphalt shingles are available with copper granules that help to mitigate algae growth.

Slate Tile Residential Roofs

Slate Roofing Baton Rouge

A sophisticated home indeed is one that utilizes slate roof shingles. Not only fire and rot-resistant, but this material also maintains its natural beauty that accents nearly any color of sky and cloud. Not only are slate roof tiles easy to maintain, but they also come in a panoply of colors, and they have a life expectancy of over 100 years.

However, slate tiles typically cost more than the average roof and are quite heavy, which means that the strength of the deck below needs to be taken into consideration. Much like their ceramic cousins, slate tiles are able to be broken underfoot even without any determined stomping. This means that general gutter maintenance and rooftop cleaning need to be undertaken with a higher level of care.

Metal Residential Roofs

Metal Roofing Baton Rouge

Metal roofing panels have become more and more viable thanks to their environmental friendliness, lightweight design, and ease of maintenance. However, they require specialized installation under the care of a skilled contractor such as Garcia Roofing, who has an extensive background in installing metal roofs.

Metal roofs come in a wide variety of colors, and as they lose their sheen, can be repainted so long as the structural integrity of the roof is in fair condition. It costs far less to repaint a metal panel system than to replace it entirely.

Cedar Shake / Wood Residential Roofs

Cedar Shake Roof Baton Rouge

Dependable in almost any climate, cedar shake residential roofs are particularly suited for sunny and hot areas such as Baton Rouge because they stoically resist damage from the sun’s ultraviolet light. Areas that undergo strong hurricanes or thunderstorms are also suitable for a wooden residential roof. Although wood is traditionally known as good kindling for the fire, wooden shingles can be sprayed with a fire-resistant coating in order to resist the lashing of flames.

As a renewable resource, wood is an environmentally friendly roofing choice for those who are concerned about their footprint on the planet. The natural color of a wooden roof also adds to the curbside appeal of a home. Although cedar shake tiles are generally more expensive than their equivalents made of asphalt, their energy efficiency and robustness make them well worth the investment.

Get Your Residential Roof Done Right

With the generations of experience found only with the folks Garcia Roofing, you’re sure to have the perfect residential roof for your home. Don’t risk the aesthetics of your house, or even more important, the safety of your family members by resorting to fly-by-night contractors. Contact the professionals of Baton Rouge and beyond today and get the roof that your home deserves!

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Roofing Types

The style of your roof can totally transform the look of your home. You want your roof to not only be durable and energy efficient, but also to look great and make a statement. Our roofing experts take their time helping you choose a style, and our roofing crews meticulously install your roof to ensure the best quality.